Lake Health Report

Landing Point Marine, Paudash Lake

Landing Point Marine, Paudash Lake

Submitted by Lynn LeBel

Your Board has purchased this report about our lake and Haliburton lakes. We are making a bound hard copy available to all of our members, free of charge. To save on mailing costs we are asking you to pick up your copy at ‘Landing Point Marine’ . The owner, John McCracken, has been a long time member and great supporter of PLCA. He has the membership list and will cross off your name after you or someone picks it up for you.

Data Included in this Report:

1. Water Quality info for 9 years including – Phosphorous – Surface and Bottom, Nitrogen, Dissolved Oxygen, Clarity, PH and Calcium.

2. Topographical map of the lake.

3. Morphometric stats – Surface Area, Watershed Area, Shoreline Length, Maximum Depth, Mean Depth, Total Lake Volume.

4. Development Info – Number of Lots, at capacity status.

5. Fish – Species, stocked or not. 6. Love your Lake data – including Shoreline %’s, setbacks, wildlife habitat.

Why – to encourage interest in lake health and to raise awareness for shoreline renaturalization.

Key Benefits – readers will be able to tell where their lake stands and compare it to numerous lakes in the Haliburton area.