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New Publication: Waterfront Property Owners & Rural Economic Development

Photo by Mark Yesford

Photo by Mark Yesford

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) is very pleased to release our new report about the significance of waterfront property owners (WPO) as vital economic contributors to rural communities in Ontario! The report summarizes the survey FOCA conducted last year, highlights the ways WPO in eastern Ontario are participating in their rural communities, and identifies enthusiasm to develop more rural economic initiatives.  

Read case studies about your peers who have already made the move to working from their waterfront community. 

Visit our project webpage for more information  https://foca.on.ca/wpo2018/  or contact the office for a digital copy 

Planning for the Municipal Election on October 22nd  

The Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) has created an elections Toolkit for member Associations interested in getting out the vote in rural Ontario this fall!  Download your "Vote for the Future" toolkit from this webpage:https://foca.on.ca/vote-for-your-future-2018-municipal-elections/

The  Vote for your Future campaign encourages you to get involved, and to pledge to VOTE at your rural municipality.  Remember: in a  municipal election, you may vote wherever you own property.