PLCA PIONEERS: William George Davis

by Mike Thomas, PLCA President

William (Bill) Davis was born in May of 1924 in Toronto’s “Cabbagetown.” He joined the reserves the day he turned 16 in 1940 and was shipped out to the UK in 1941.  In July 1944 his battalion sailed to France and immediately went into action.  In late February, 1945 Bill was wounded for the second time and evacuated to Britain.  While in hospital Bill volunteered for the Pacific conflict.  He was subsequently shipped back to Canada but victory in the Pacific came about before his 30 day convalescence leave expired.

Bill then reported to CFB Kingston for reassignment and was advised that he had been selected for Officer Training. Declining the offer, he was discharged in 1946.

He reentered civilian life as a self-employed contractor on highway construction in the Red Lake area of Ontario.  After the contract ended, he joined Ontario Hydro in Northern Ontario, transferred to Toronto Hydro until he moved to Bancroft in 1969.

In Bancroft he rejuvenated his trucking business, bought and ran a marina, and served as Alderman and Reeve in the local government.  He also was a founder of our PLCA in the early 1970’s.  His son Gary continues to run the descendant business of Bill’s.  Bill and his wife Shirley continue to live near Paudash Lake. 

Thank-you Bill for the vision you had for Paudash Lake and we will continue to honour that going forward.