PLCA Memberships - Special Update!

By David Kells

The PLCA has implemented some new options for paying your annual membership dues online. You can now choose to pay your annual fees via credit card: Discover, Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.  

In addition, we have added an option to renew your membership for 3 years at $90, a savings of $15 over the annual fees of 3x$35=$105.  Of course, you can still remit your fees, $35 annual or $90 for 3 years, by cheque in the stamped, addressed envelope enclosed with our newsletter.  

Also, please note that we will no longer be offering the option to pay membership fees via Paypal. 

Click here to renew your membership online.

Paudash Lake, Photo by Daniel Parker

Paudash Lake, Photo by Daniel Parker