Staying Safe at the Cottage: Reminders from FOCA

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Carbon Monoxide Alarms
FOCA reminds everyone that, effective April 15, 2015, you must install a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm adjacent to all sleeping areas of your home and your cottage if it has a fuel-burning appliance, attached garage or a fireplace. Starting up a wood stove, or any appliance, after months left idle, is a time for particular care. Get details about CO alarm installation at the Ministry of Safety website, and protect your family from the 'silent killer.'

Emergency Preparedness
Given the self-sufficient nature of rural living, it is vital that we are prepared in the event of an emergency. It is critical to be able to quickly and accurately relay required information to emergency service providers. FOCA recommends that each waterfront home have a handy and visible list of emergency phone numbers posted somewhere prominent, near a telephone if possible.

Having accurate information at hand will aid in directing first responders to your location – critical information that may save a life, and that (in a panic) may be hard to translate or describe – especially if a guest or others less familiar with your location are making the call.

FOCA has created a handy template you can customize and use to capture important information needed by emergency responders in cottage country. Find out more here: