We’re Looking for a New Bingo Leader; Could it be you?

By Sheila Griffin


Do you have small children that you’d like to keep busy during the week? Outdoor Bingo has been a lot of fun over the past few summers, but with our teens working in the summer now, I am no longer able to come up to the cottage as much.

To keep the event running, we are looking for a parent or teen who would be willing to run it this year (high school students can gain volunteer hours). It only involves one or two afternoons mid-week (your choice) for 2 hours (or less, up to you). Set up at the marina and run the games as the kids arrive. You’ll need to shop for prizes ahead of time (reimbursement provided). The game cards & game wheel are provided. Sound like something you’d like to do? Email me at sheila.griffin@rogers.com and I can fill you in.