Discover Geocaching at Paudash Lake this Summer!

By Sheila Griffin

Are you ready to discover the exciting world of geocaching? The PLCA is planning to set up a variety of geocaches around the lake this summer. You’ll be able to search for hidden treasures by boat, canoe, car or on foot using your GPS device and the geocaching website or app.

If you’re not familiar with geocaching, it is basically a modern, outdoor treasure hunt. Participants navigate using their GPS device to a location identified on their "treasure map” and locate a hidden container (the ‘cache’). A cache always contains a logbook or logsheet to log your find, and sometimes a trinket or prize. Caches can be various sizes and shapes. You might see a large, clear plastic container, a film canister or even a fake rock with a secret compartment.
Intrigued? You don’t have to wait for summer! You can start practicing geocaching right now - wherever you live. Then when you’re back up at Paudash, you’ll be a geocaching pro. Just download a free Geocaching Intro app and follow the Geocaching 101 steps. You’ll be geocaching in no time!

The PLCA will be placing a number of geocaches around the lake this spring (in addition to the ones already placed by other cottagers). So this summer get ready to grab your friends, kids or family members and head out for a fun afternoon on the lake and the “ultimate” treasure hunt. Bring along a pen to record in the cache log book. Some people like to trade their ‘cache’ with a new one, so bring along some fun/interesting/silly caches to exchange.

Have fun with it! Let’s turn Paudash Lake into the best geocaching lake in cottage country!

For more info: and don’t forget to “like” the PLCA Facebook page for updates, clues, and new cache locations throughout the summer. Happy geocaching!!